Customs of argentina

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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Argentina has many typical customs, such as, mate, empanadas and asado. Also, tango dancing and sports such as pato, polo and soccer.
Yerba mate is a popular traditional drink(90% of the Argentinean population drink mate), similar to tea. There are several ways of drinking yerba mate. The most traditional is mate cebado. Hot water is poured over theleaves of the yerba plant in a mate (gourd), which is often decorated with silver. When the gourd is filled with water, the leaves expand and fill the mate. People drink through abombilla (straw with a strainer) made of silver.
Most Argentineans eat four meals each day. Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, where the Argentineans eat plentifully. InArgentina eat is almost a cult, the variety and the quality of the food produced in the country and the abundance in the Argentineans fields become eat and drink in a reason of meetingand joy for many Argentineans. Typical food for Argentineans are: Asado, Parrillada, Locro and classical pastelitos specially for patriot days.
Parrillada is blood sausage, ribsand other meat grilled together. Churrasco is grilled steak and milanesa is deep-fried breaded beef. It is common for Argentineans to socialize over an asado, beef roast barbecuedover an open fire. Many restaurants offer ”asado con cuero”, whole beef roasted complete with hide and hair. The asado is eaten most of the times with different salads.
Meatdominates Argentina's menus, and 'meat' means beef. Parrilladas are serving up a cut of just about every part of the animal: tripe, intestines, etc. Due to immigration, Italian andSpanish food is a welcome alternative, such as “pasta” and “paella”.
Also, Argentina has several typical products, like dulce de leche, wines, manufactured of cotton and leather