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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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U.S., Brazil to help Dominican Republic produce biofuel
Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic is one of four countries the United States and Brazil selected to technically advise, finance and operaterenewable energy projects.

The biofuel cooperation agreement began in March, with cooperation by the Inter-American Development Bank (I.D.B.), the Organization of American States (O.A.S.) and theUnited Nations Foundation. El Salvador, Haiti and San Kitts & Nevis are the other nations the U.S. and Brazil chose to identify their energy need and cooperate in their plans to produce biofuel.

TheU.S. biofuel and alternative energy expert Johanna Mendelson Forman was contracted to interchange information with the local sectors interested in the topic.

A U.S. delegation will also arrive thisweek to evaluate the country’s potential and provide technical assistance, conduct feasibility studies and advice on the biofuel industry in general.

Doctor Mendelson said Dominican Republic canuse its large sugarcane plantations to produce ethanol and plant trees called white piñon, which grow in barren zones of the country’s south and extract its oils to produce biodiesel to substitutediesel. She said Haiti has similar potential with that tree, where it could be massively cultivated.

The U.S. expert said the new Renewable Energies Law gives the country a legal framework to attractinvestors and get I.D.B. funding for projects to produce biofuel. As to sugarcane projects, the ethanol could be exported and jobs would be created.

Johanna Mendelson(2007)

EE UU, brasil ayudan arepublica dominica a producir biofuel

Santo Domingo .- República Dominicana es uno de los cuatro países en los Estados Unidos y Brasil seleccionados para asesorar técnicamente, financiar y operarproyectos de energía renovable.
El acuerdo de cooperación de biocombustibles comenzó en marzo, con la cooperación de la Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), la Organización de Estados...
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