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Paulina Alvarez Gòmez

The Way Up to Heaven

List 10 words from the story which describe Mrs Foster as being either nervous or afraid.
1. Perseverant
2. Obsessed
3. Irritant
5. hysterical
6. modest
7. affraid
8. traumatic
9. stressed
10. nervous

Find one word in the story which means the same as:

Unhappy, disappointed | oppressive|
very tired | exhausted |
find out about something | |
an odd habit or tendency | Pathological fear |
for a short time | trifle |

1. Why is Mrs Foster upset with herhusband at the beginning of the story?
He takes a lot of time to get into the car
2. How did her husband make her anxious the following morning?
Because the housband was very low
3. What crucialdecision did she finally make?
to leave her husband in the elevator sick and to leave him fot the train
4. What were Mrs Foster's feelings at the end of the story?

. Write a shortletter (100 words) from Mrs Foster to her daughter in Paris. Describe what happened when she returned home and describe her plans for the future.

Dear Daughter:
I miss you so much. There will be another opportunity to see us again.
I enjoy my vacation with you.
But there was many conflicts when I return to my house.
It was very difficult but I have to told you that your father is dead.
Hewas in the elevator and then he had a caughing attack .
I lead him there. It was my only option because I was very sad and angry that he never help me when I wanted to go with you, and I knew that ifI helped him I will be late to go to Paris with you.
Then I arrived to the airport and I went to Paris.
When I was in Paris I sented to him many letters to be sure that he was okay.
Then I arrivedto the airport and I went to Paris, but they did’t saw my letters because he was die.
It was very sad, but well, I will visited you often.
With love:
Your mom

. Is the ending to the story...
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