Dark water

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After having read the book, in which many relevant topics are treated, I want to touch on two of them: paternal love and the major importance of a crime when the victim is a famous person. That is to say, the social differences in many cases, for example, the way the police and judicial systems and mass media treat a person of public interest, versus a non-famous person.
We can see this throughthe father, when he saves the life of his daughter Freddie by sacrificing his. The paternal love that can be observed through this called very much attention to me because in adolescence we are not conscious of what a father does for his children. When the father begins act strange towards Freddie he decides to move away from his wife and from her, thus leaving everything that he wants so thatthe daughter can live safely. All of Harry's hatred towards his sister comes as a result of the deformity with which he vas born. After many operations, this leads him to feel bad, he takes his discomfort out on Freddie since she, from a young age, was a handsome girl, and therefore the anger that Henry has over the beauty of his sister causes him to act malignantly. Freddie is not conscience ofanything, she does not even know who her father is, and even that she has a brother. She realizes it when the both have already died, but she can see ultimately that her father, still being far from her life, had devoted himself to her well-being and has taken care of her. In short, it is possible to see the great love that he feels towards his daughter, but on the other hand his duty is to bewith his son.
The model of ideal father that appears in the book is some one that does everything possible for the well-being of his daughter giving his own life if it is necessary. To my way of seeing a real father takes the initiative to approach his son or daughter to offer him support and the opportunity to talk. Though he does not say anything, his presence can be sufficient to inspire a bitof confidence in his children. A real father is busy with inculcating values in his children so that they will guide them for the rest of his lives.
A real father does not use work as an excuse to forget of the important dates of his son or of his daughter. He does not forget their birthdays, or any other important dates for his children.
A real father identifies with the tastes and preferencesof his children. This does not mean that he allows that the child, or the girl, does as she pleases in everything. It is necessary to educate and discipline the children with much tenderness and love. But it is necessary to give them the opportunity to define and developing their own personality, as well as the opportunity to express what they like and what they do not like.
The father figurehas always been very important. From the beginning it was said that the father was the patriarch, the chief of the family and the one does business, nowadays there are the two, both the father and the mother. Many people and still think that a bigger treatment should be placed on what a man does.
I have heard comments about the narrow relations that exist between the fathers with and daughters,and the mothers and the sons. I suppose this is because the father sees as his daughter the most unprotected feminine figure. The father has to be ready to act at any time.
Many psychologists and experts on the dynamics of the family indicate that the paternal figure is very important for the emotional development and balance of teenagers. Many young people are seduced into experimenting withdrugs when they have not had the opportunity to develop a stable relation of confidence with their father figure. Others contemplate suicide because they feel caught in the middle of serious emotional problems. They feel alone and helpless though they live in a house with two parents and are surrounded by brothers and sisters.
Another topic I want to treat, as I have said initially, is the major...
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