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Biological Oxygen Demand
BOD measurement according to EN 1899-1 and EN 1899-2 and for self-checks
Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD) is an important parameter in water resource management. BOD is a parameter used to measure the quality of water and treatment results in wastewater. In addition, BOD analysis potential is used inthe planning and design wastewater treatment facilities. In routine use BOD determination is used to check the wastewater in the inflow and discharge of wastewater treatment plants. Depending on themeasurement site and type of wastewater the BOD value can lie between a few mg/l and several thousand mg/l. Several methods are available for carrying out the measurement.

BOD measurement

WTWoffers various measuring systems for these methods.
In “dilution BOD” the oxygen content of a sample is measured with an oxygen sensor before and after an incubation period of 5 days. The differencebetween the measurements is the BOD5 value; this is the official EPA method. In “BOD self-checks” with the respirometer the reduction in oxygen causes a definite pressure difference which can be measuredby a pressure sensor. This method is very easy to carry out and is a practical method. Also both methods are very different, the measurements correlate for discharge analysis in municipal wastewatertreatment facilities. Both methods requires the samples to be kept at 68 °F (20 °C) for 5 days. WTW offers a wide range of themperature controlled incubators.

In the course ofgrowing environmental consciousness, microbiological degradability tests have become increasingly important. These can be, for example, soil surveys from waste sites or environmental impact surveysfor new chemical substances. The necessary respiration measurements for anaerobic or aerobic degradation can be easily carried out using the OxiTop®-C systems with excellent analysis. WTW offers a...
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