Derretimiento de los polos

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Melting of the poles

Global Warming is a big problem which humans are dealing nowadays; one of its consequences is known as melting of the Earth poles. The melting of North and South Pole is aserious problem that must be stopped immediately, it was believed that this event was going to happen until 2070 but now with recent studies, investigations and analysis; scientists are expecting thatthe poles are going to lose all their ice in 2030. This process has been speed up as a consequence of global warming; one proof for example is that this summer is hotter than others, so the ice thatcovers the poles is thinner than ever, the natural cycle of ice is reducing during summer and rushes during winter. The disappearance of the poles is going to alter the weather conditions; as a resultthe whole planet will change drastically.

The mayor problem that produces melting of the poles is the increasing of temperature around the world. The expectation of this increase of temperature isabout two degrees, it sounds a little but it affects the entire ecosystem. The Antartic Circumpolar Current is the one that takes control of heat and storms of the Earth, this current is becoming morewarmer, in consequence western winds are stronger so they move this current to the south, melting the Antartic zone and produces more hurricanes and makes them more dangerous and devastating asWillma, this event has also related with global warming and drastic changes of weather. Here in Mexico rain will be reduce in a 5% and be delay (Molina, M. 2007), increasing the number of forest fires.According to University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center, it was expected the totally loss of ice in Arctic for the summer of 2008 , fortunately it didn´t occur. The Arctic’s cap isresponding to these temperature changes, NASA´s Grace (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) indicated that the Artic has lost 100 millons tons per year for the period 2003 -2005 and it thickness has...
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