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Monday May 2, 2011

1. What is the Cold War?
The Cold War was a series of conflicts and wars between the communist nations led by the Soviet Union and the democratic nations led by the United States. It was fought in many ways, byeconomic and military war and propaganda. Mostly it was a political war between these two countries to have more control over resources and territories.
2. Years of the Cold War.
The Cold War started in 1945 and ended in the year 1991.
3. Explain its 2 main characteristics that set it apart from other wars.
The Cold War had two main characteristics that set it apart from all the other warswhich were ideology and nuclear weapons. Ideology means the idea of who was wrong or right, the Cold War was mainly a religious and political war. The Cold war was also well known for the existence and use of nuclear weapons, never before in history the idea of the whole word disappearing because of an atomic weapon existed. During the whole war people lived terrified of the idea of dying because ofnuclear weapons.
4. What happened to Germany after WW II?
After the WWII Germany gets divided into four different zones which were going to be ruled by France, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR.
5. What happened to Berlin after WW II?
After WWII Germany got divided into Western and Eastern Germany and Berlin stayed in the West side this means it was on the Communist side and theUSSR restricted the transit. Berlin also got divided into several zones.
6. What did US, GB, and France do to their Berlin and German parts?
The United States, France and Great Britain decided to join their parts to form only one Germany and that it will be all capitalist.
7. How did the USSR react?
The USSR rejected this idea strongly and decided to divide Germany into two zones: WestGermany (Communist) and East Germany (Capitalist). USSR took strict control over the West side and limited the travel and transit from West to East. Also the USSR blocked Berlin from all contact and could not get food and supplies.
8. What did Churchill mean with the expression “the Iron Curtain”?
The expression "Iron Curtain" refers to the tanks, guns and other armaments and physical barriers withwhich the Soviets enforced their control. It could also refer to a curtain in the way that Europe was divided by a barrier or “curtain” that separated the Communists from the rest of the governments and ‘Iron’ could refer to the heavy weaponry that the Soviets had.
9. What was the Berlin airlift?
The Berlin airlift was a solution to a very important problem during the Cold War. Berlin wasdivided into four parts. The western half was ruled by the allies and the eastern part was ruled by the Russians. The Russians then decided to attempt to choke the western nations out of Berlin by cutting their access to supplies.

10. Explain the Truman Doctrine.
The Truman Doctrine was a plan by U.S. President Harry Truman in order to prevent the spread of communism. He supported Greece andTurkey with economical and military aid. Truman argued that if these two countries did not receive help immediately they would suffer the pressure of the outside communists and inevitably fall into communism which would greatly affect their religion.

11. Explain the Marshall Plan.
The Marshall Plan was a huge favor towards European countries. In order to help them recover from war, the U.S.supplied them with billions of dollars and the U.S. secretly won their loyalty. What shocks me the most is that the whole economical process was without repayment which means the U.S. lost a whole bunch of money.

12. Explain the Domino Effect that Kenned was so afraid of.
The Domino Effect was a big thing to be afraid of, and so was John F. Kennedy. This effect consisted of a country in the...
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