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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2010
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1. The building I choose in Houston to compare to an ancient building is the Heritage Plaza in down town. The Heritage Plaza has a resemblance to the Mayan Temple. Mayan Temple was used toworship their gods, a place where their gods lived and a way to show the grandeur of the Mayan civilization. As to the Heritage plaza, it also shows the grandeur to what humans can accomplish byputting a resemblance of the Mayan Temple on top of a sky scraper.
2. The Heritage Plaza intrigues and captures the eye of every person that passes by. The 53 story building all made of glassat the top has a representation of a Mayan Temple made of granite which is the center piece of the building and all eyes are directed to it.
3. The Heritage Plaza emphasizes the entrance,but not as much as the top of the building where the Mayan Temple is.
4. The function of the building is to hold offices; it will be occupied by different companies that their main officeswill be there. Texaco had their main headquarters in the Heritage Plaza, EOG Resources also moved in and Deloitte also had a lease. The main function of the Heritage Plaza is to hold office spacefor big companies.
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5. The Mayan Temple at the top of the Heritage Plaza is a feature inspired to the architect by a trip to Mexico, so the inside of the building also hasMexican influence. The inside has a multilevel waterfall that falls from the lobby representing the waterfalls in the valleys of Mexico where the Mayan Temples are located.
6. The Heritage Plazastands out from other buildings in its surroundings. The architecture is completely different; it is the only building that resembles a Mayan Temple in the area that it is located. A MayanTemple would never be in an environment of urban city it would be in a jungle vast of trees around it. But both the Mayan Temple and the Heritage Plaza stand out in the environment they are in.