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.NET Reflector® 6.5/.NET Reflector® 6.5 Pro Release Notes
Features and Enhancements
.NET Reflector is a class browser, analyzer, and decompiler for .NET assemblies.

This version adds the .NETReflector add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. This allows you to jump to Reflector to browse classes and methods directly from Visual Studio.

The Visual Studio add-in also includes .NET ReflectorPro, which allows you to seamlessly debug into third-party code and assemblies, even if you don't have source code for them. You can now treat the decompiled assemblies much like your own code: you canstep through the assemblies and use all the debugging techniques that you would use on your own code.

This version of .NET Reflector supports:

.NET 4.0 assemblies and support for the C# 4.0 andVB 10 language enhancements
Opening assemblies from the Global Assembly Cache

Version 6.5 also fixes a number of bugs found in 6.1.
How to Install and Use the Visual Studio Add-in
To install theVisual Studio add-in:

1. Unzip everything into a suitable location.
2. Run Reflector.exe. The first time you run it, it should open the Integration Options where you can select versions of VisualStudio in which you want the add-in to be installed.

You can then open Visual Studio, and use the .NET Reflector menu to select referenced assemblies you would like to debug into. Theseassemblies are then decompiled to C# or VB. You can then step into them whilst debugging, set breakpoints, see the values of variables and parameters, etc. In fact, the only debugger functionality that willnot work is edit and continue.

To remove the Visual Studio add-in:

1.On .NET Reflector's Tools menu, click Integration Options and clear the appropriate Visual Studio Integration checkbox. Thenext time you open Visual Studio the add-in will be removed.
Supported .NET Framework Versions
 1.0*, 1.1*, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

*.NET Reflector runs under these framework versions, but the Visual...
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