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Visit Nayarit
Traveler agent: TA Agente de viajes
Buyer: B Comprador
TA: Hello¡¡ Welcome to our travel agency can I help you?
B: Yes I will be ableto travel for holiday’s in 4 weeks ; so I’m going to choose an excellent place to relax.
TA: That’s sound good I will show you some places we you can goso you are going to say me right?
B: Yeah, I will pay attention
TA: Well Mexico have many places we you can relax. Are you going to choose one from here?B: Yes I will I really love that country is so beautiful and I have in mind going there
TA: Are you going to visit a place with beach or a historicalcity?
B: I will visit a place with beach so give me the name of the city where I can go
TA: Well you are going to be able to visit Acapulco or CancunB: But Cancun is very expensive and Acapulco will be full in that days.
TA: Yes it will but the are many other places like Nayarit¡
B: Nayarit?? Whatis the city? And will be a place to relax?
TA: Sure it will
B. But where is it and how is it? Will be exiting to go ??
TA: It I will¡¡ Nayarit is astate at the northwest of Mexico it have many different beaches and you will find a good one to relax
B: And is going to be a hotel able?
TA: Yes it will.Lots of them
B: Wonderful I will have my holidays at Nayarit. And what can I visit?
TA: There are many places to visit like Nuevo Vallarta, Flamingos yPuerto de Mita
B: I will go there give me one pack to Nayatit i´m going to visit it in 4 weeks
TA: Ok here you are¡¡ That’s all Have a nice travel.
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