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SEBASTIAN: Hey Caro, are you ready to go out for supper?
B: Not quite, after shaving I have to take a shower, how about you?
SEBASTIAN: Oh, I´m almost ready. I never shavemore than once a day. We would better hurry.
B: All right, I will be ready in a couple of minutes.
SEBASTIAN: Now, where are we going to eat?
B: Well, there are a lot of places wecould go, a restaurant, a cafeteria or a hotel. How hungry are you?
SEBASTIAN: I´m very hungry, I would like a good meal.
B: In that case, let´s go to the restaurant.
SEBASTIAN: Howabout this one over here on the corner? Shall we go in?
B: Okay I don´t care. There isn´t too much difference in restaurant.
SEBASTIAN: A table for two.
B:Yes, Sir, this way. Is this all right?
SEBASTIAN: Yes, thank you.
B: I will be back in a few minutes. Here is the menu.
SEBASTIAN: Now, let´s see. What are you going to have?
B: Idon´t know very much about the American food. I will have what you order for this time.
SEBASTIAN: have you made up your minds?
B: Yes, we are both going to have the same order:fruit juice, roast turkey, much potatoes and green beans.
SEBASTIAN: what would you like for dessert?
B: Strawberry, ice cream and coffee.
SEBASTIAN: Do you want cream in the coffee?B: Not for me, I prefer it black.
SEBASTIAN: All right, what will you have to drink?
B: I will have a Martini, how about you?
SEBASTIAN: I want a beer, what brands do you have?B: We have Highlife, Ballontine and Schlitz.
SEBASTIAN: Give me a highlife, please.
B: That was a good meal, wasn´t it?
SEBASTIAN: Yes, certainly it was. Let´s ask for the check.B: May I have the check please?
SEBASTIAN: Would you like separate checks?
B: No, just one.
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