Dialogos de la pelicula high school musical

Gabriella?s mum: Gabby its new year’s eve. Enough reading.
Gabriella: But mum I?m almost done and…
Gabriella?s mum: The teen party? I?ve laid out your best clothes. Come get ready.
Gabriella: CanI have my book back?
Gabriella: Thank you
Gabriella?s mum: Come on
Coach: Keep working on it troy got a guard in the championship game were expecting you’ll torch ‘em!
Troy: Am I going left?Coach: yeah. He looks down the middle you take it downtown
Troy: Ok like this?
Coach: Whoo that’s man. sweet. let’s see that in the game .
Troy?s mum: Boys? did we really fly all this way to play morebasket ball?
Both : (look at each other then back at troy?s mum)yeah.
Troy?s Mum: It?s the last night of vacation. The party, remember?
Coach: Right the party, the party new years eve.
Mum: Troythere?s a kids party downstairs in the freestyle club.
Troy: Kid?s party?
Mum: Young adults now go, shower up.
Troy: Come on one more last one
Coach: Real quick? there we go
Troy: That?s the wayto end it
Cow boy: Howdy ma’am!
Stage man: All right how’s that for a couple of snow boarders? Yeah
Stage man: Who?s gonna rock the house next? Huh? haha-hoho
Troy: I can’t sing no you go.
Stageman: And you! yeah come on
Troy: Look I don’t sing. I can’t sing no guys…
Stage man: Hey you know what you guys might thank me for this or not.
(start of something new)
Troy: Troy
Troy: But seriously you have an amazing voice your a singer right?
Gabriella: Just church choir is all. I tried solo and nearly fainted
Troy: Why?s that?
Gabriella: I took 1 look at all thepeople and next thing I knew I was staring at the ceiling end of solo career.
Troy: Well the way you sang tonight that?s pretty hard to believe
Gabriella: Well that was the first time I did somethinglike that. it was so cool.
Troy: I know me too!
Gabriella: Well you sounded like you’ve done a lot of singing too.
Troy: Yeah, sure my shower head is very impressed with me.
(Both laugh)...
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