Die jagd

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Marianne Gerhard Lopez Portillo
28 / September / 05

Viktor Vogel
Advertising Rules

This is a movie that could be considered as a message for the advertising segment, but if welook closely enough, we may see that it conveys a message for every one of us.

Viktor Vogel plays an interesting leading role, being unique, he founds himself immersed in a world ofpretending. We could easily fall into that role of the two office geeks whom imitate the leader in turn, instead of being us our own trendsetters, each one according to our style.

Color has avery important place in this film, as does in most of the films. When Viktor arrives to the office, wearing mismatching clothes, purple and red, he takes a dive into a place of black, navy blue,gray and formality, above all. His colors are a way of pointing him out as different in an uniform environment, and when they turn to black, gray and blue after he presents die Jagd itrepresents his resemblance with all those he fought before.

Viktor is fighting with the loss of a father, as much as he is fighting his teachings. We may see a portrait – and a critic - ofcapitalism in die Falke Volger, who’s only goal is to “be succesful, win, be the first one” and in Eddie’s initial addiction to money above his own ideas, and advices to Viktor “whatever theclient wants, you have to choose between your girlfriend and your career”. Viktor’s father turns up dead, while Eddie was alcoholic and lonely.
Finally, Eddie’s character is very important tothe film. He begins as the antagonist, soon turns into the partner, a friend and at last, he fills that vacuum in Viktor’s life, as his father.

As corny as it may sound, I think whatmakes a movie “worth it” is its capacity to recreate certain aspects of human nature. “Advertising Rules” certainly accomplishes this, without ever losing style, freshness and originalit
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