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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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1. The computer isn´t on the desk.
2. Illustrator is a design program.
3. My sketchbook is full of illustrations.4. The principal tool in design is a pencil.
5. Angelica´s mouse is broken.
6. He has a Macintosh computer for design.
7. What´s this?... It´sa video camera.
8. This is a human figure painting with black crayon.
9. Joaquin is recording a movie.
10. I have to read the script of themovie.

Excercise 5
This/these, It/They; plurals
* Complete these conversations. Then practice with a partner.

1. A: What are these?
B: They´rekeys.

2. A: What´s this?
B: It´s a CD player.

3. A:What are these?
B: They´re bag packs.

4. A:What´s this?
B: This is a watch.

5.A: What´s this?
B: It´s a Cell phone.

6. A: What´re these?
B: They´re glosses.


1. They´re making advertisingcampaign for the college.
2. I´m going to buy wood crayons for to do my homeworks.
3. He is drawing flowers, trees and other things for his illustration.4. Michael and Sara are painting with markers.
5. Many people are making sketches for the new cartoons.
6. Roxy and Joseph left their rulesfor working.
7. Pencils, crayons, paper, rubber and scissors are articles for a craft work.
8. What are these? … They´re work tools in design.
9.We have to use different lights for photography.
10. My classmates and I always lose erasers.

Student: Dulce Maria Mogollón Alvarado
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