Diferencias entre escuelas publicas y privadas

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The Difference Between Public Schools and Private Schools

So you're thinking of sending your child to a private school? What are the main differences you can expect between the public schoolsystem and that of a private school?

All public schools follow the same basic set of local and federal education guidelines. These laws generally cover the topics of educational program content, schoolcurriculums, budgets, and funding. Since public schools are funded by taxpayer finances there is no tuition involved in attending. Private schools are still subject to government guidelines as well,but with a much greater degree of flexibility, especially in monetary respects. Because private schools are not tax-funded, they have very few limitations on their usage of financial resources. Assuch, the cost of attending a private school can vary greatly. Parochial schools typically charge less than independent private schools. A variety of factors come in to play when determining the tuitioncost of a private school, such as the school's reputation and whether the school is a boarding school or a day school. You may expect to pay as little as $2,000 for a year of private day schooleducation, or as much as $50,000 for a year of prestigious boarding school education.

By law, public education facilities must admit and educate all children. Besides registering your student at yourarea's assigned public school, there is nothing more that needs to be done when enrolling besides making sure that your child is ready to go when the bus arrives. This does not hold true with privateschools. Admission to a private school is entirely up to the school's own judgment and no one else's. Some prestigious private schools are difficult to get into and have a high level of competition atthe admissions level.

In terms of curriculum, public school systems offer a program of education designed with the needs of the general public in mind. Basic subjects such as math, English,...
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