Differences between roman mythology and greek mythology.

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Differences between Roman mythology and Greek mythology.

According to pagan people, the interpretation and explanation of myths and legends about their false divinities constitute a real spiritualneed. Nevertheless, mythology determines solely archeological and historical researches; it cannot and should not deny that the interpretations of myths were a matter of extreme importance, because,people’s moral and religious beliefs were directly linked up to the solution of their daily problems. Even though, all mythologies have the same base, they have a lot of differences about theirculture.
Roman mythology took much time to be introduced in their civilization, the same thing happened with their evolution. They adopted the sedentary life of nomadic shapers. With the time, they startedto farm the ground and to form small communities. The religious developing was equal to their social and economic developing; as religion advances depended of population’s needs, when Rome grew up,religion also did. But, these advances were too much to handle for them; they did not have enough creativity to invent new gods. In this way, they decided to adopt them from different cultures, suchas: Latin, Nordic, Greek and Indian mythology. Divinities were not shown as human beings, thus they did not have mortal qualities. These characteristics started to change, when the new gods arrived. Itwas a long way to road for Roman; but in the end, they did it.
On the other hand, Greek mythology was well-received by Greeks; its evolution was fast and well-introduced. Greek religion wasbrought by the habitants of Balbanic Peninsula. According to Greeks, it was completely false; it was created by sacred spirits. They also ensured that they were entirely original during the creation ofgods; thus, they did not adopt any god from any culture. Another very important point to remark is that Greek people did not have any fetishist; it was very difficult for them to adore a god, because...
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