Differences between uk and us english

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Differences between British English and American English

1. Travel – traveling – traveller in British English.

However, it is traveling – traveler in US English.2.) The usages of ’appear/look/seem,feel, sound’ are as follows:
In British English,
It looks a nice party.

In US English,It looks to be a nice party.

3.) In US English, past tense of get is gotten‟

You’ ve gotten me wrong.

In British English,You got me wrong.

4.) In British English, group names are used with is/are

The team is/are in the field.

In US English,The team is in the field.

5.) In British English, ‘and’ is used for the numbers after one hundred.

There are two hundred andfifteen students.

In US English, ‘and’ is not used.

6.) In British English, weekend is used with preposition of ‟at‟

Let’s meet at theweekend.

In US English, both is used.

Let’s meet on/at the weekend.

7.) In British English,

17 January, the seventeenth of January,January the seventeenth.

In US English,
January 17 veya January seventeenth.

8.) In British English,

She hasn’tgot/doesn’t have this opportunity.

In US English,
She doesn’t have this opportunity.

9.) In British English, the is used beforeenstruments but may not be used in US English

He can play the guitar.

10.) In British English, past of below webs can be used with both ways but in US English,...
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