Differences between b2b and b2c marketing

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What are the differences between B2B and B2C marketing?

What does B2C mean? They are the capital letters to Business to Consumer. They are the processes in which the companies sell to the finalconsumers.

These are two very important characteristics of B2C Marketing:
* Massive
We don´t know each consumer: it doesn´t mind if there are a few or a lot. The consumer is anonymous, we canknow some (or a lot of them), but we can´t count them.
* Individual
The final consumer is unknown that is why we create profiles. That allows us to create different strategies for each type ofconsumer (or profile), our target.
It is impossible to make individual profiles (one profile for one consumer), we have to study the market, define the profiles and then organize the data bases we havefor those profiles. Once we´ve done that, we can create a specific strategy to attract that profile.

What does B2B mean? They are the capital letters for Business to Business. These are companiesthat produce products and services to sell them to other companies; it means that their customers are other companies.
We can differentiate B2B marketing from B2C because of the nature of thecustomers, not because of what it produces. B2B Marketing, generally encloses: industrial customers (manufacturer companies, processes industries, or distribution companies), Institutions (ONGs, Educationalinstitutions, etc.) and Governments.

Let´s look at some characteristics of B2B Marketing:
* Their clients are countable:
This means that we can count them (it´s a finite number) and that theyare specific clients. We can have more or less clients, but we can identify all of them. This means we know: who it is, where it is, what does it buy, why does it buy it, how does it use it, etc.
InB2C marketing it is not possible, we don´t know each customer, that is why we create profiles. In B2B we can think of each particular customer the company has.
* A long term relationship...
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