Dinner time

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Dinner Time
Father: Time to eat!
Daughter: Coming. Oh, I'm starving. [Good, good.] Oh yuck! What's that?
Father: Ah, now don't complain!
Daughter: But what is it, and where is mom?
Father: Now,mom put me in charge of dinner because she's not feeling well tonight.
Daughter: But what is it . . . and that smell!
Father: It's pizza. I just followed an old family recipe here, and . . .Daughter: Let me see that . . . Oh, Dad. [What?] You're missing a page!
Father: Oh, uh, well, uh . . . well I couldn't find the second page of the recipe, but don't worry. I have plenty of experiencearound the house. Plenty of experience cooking.
Daughter: That's not what mom says.
Father: Well, wait, wait, here let me try a piece first. Here, let me, let me cool this off here. Ohhh, yeah. Oh, thisis great stuff.
Daughter: Yeah right. Why are you making that face?
Father: Well, well, it's just, just a little rich for me. That's all.
Daughter: Let me try it Dad. Uh. Dad. You put a little toomuch salt in it and besides it's burned. [Well . . . ] And what's that?
Father: Oh, well, well, that's just part of my own adaptation to the recipe. I added some pumpkin.
Daughter: Oh, not anotherone of your surprises. Pumpkin doesn't go on pizza!
Father: Well, okay, well, so what? Uh, what do we do now?
Daughter: Well, how about some cold cereal . . . You can't mess up on that, Dad.
[pic]Tiempo de la comida
Padre: Es hora de comer!

La hija: Venida. Oh, me muero de hambre. [Bien, bien.] Oh qué asco! ¿Qué es eso?

Padre: Ah, ahora no te quejes!

Hija: ¿Pero qué es y dónde estámamá?

Padre: Bueno, mamá me puso a cargo de la cena porque ella no se siente bien esta noche.

Hija: Pero lo que es. . . y ese olor!

pizza Padre: Está bien. Acabo de seguir una vieja recetafamiliar aquí, y. . .

La hija: Déjame ver eso. . . ¡Oh, papá. [¿Qué?] Te falta una página!

Padre: ¡Oh, eh, bueno, eh. . . así no pude encontrar la segunda página de la receta, pero no te...
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