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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación
U.E.P. Instituto Antonio José de Sucre
Cagua-Edo. Aragua

Teacher. Amaury



1. Karina Moyetones: A
2. Luiriana Ucero : B

o A: Hi Darling, I called you last week! Where did you go in vacation?o B: Hi Karina I’m fine, I did travel for Mérida in vacation.
o A: That’s amazing. My mom went to your house.
o B: oh really? I bought a gift for her in thetravel. She is so sweet.
o A: I saw the state in some pictures, and looked so pretty.
o B: It’s beautiful. I was very excited
o A: Did you have very cold there?o B: Yes, I did. I had two jackets.
o A: I am so happy for you.
o B: What did you do in vacation?
o A:I studied all vacation and went to the beach last Sundayo B: That’s boring! What did you study?
o A: I studied a new book of Medicine
o B: All right! Who went with you to the beach last Sunday?
o A: our friendJosé. We ate a delicious fish that day
o B: Jose won a swimming competition, you remember?
o A: Of course! We drove to Mexico just for see him.
o B: I saw himfor last time in Veronica’s birthday.
o A: Did you dance with Jose in that party?
o B: Yes, I did.
o A: I told you that he went to France last year
o B: OhI’m glad. Why did he go to France?
o A: He started to study again.
o B: I wrote a letter for him. Did you give the letter?
o A: Yes, I did.
o B: Thanks somuch. I have to go.
o A: I’m sorry; I could not visit you this week.
o B: Don’t worry, see you next time.
o B: Good bye my friend.
o A: Have a nice day!
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