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PRODUCTIONS (prices without postage!)

MIP 001 - II: NAHUAL "Satánica Redención" (cassette - 2º limited edition: 333 copies).
Dismal Black Metal. Cassette compilation including the hymns of the Advance tape '97 "Abominations des sorciers" in remasterized version and hymns taken from rehearsal andconcert tapes. Eight hymns among the years '92 and '99. New Color cover. Of Total Supreme Elite!!! Sold Out!! Hail Satanic Victory!!

MIP 002: AQUAM IGNI "Multus Liber" (cassette - limited edition: 150 copies).
20 minutes of Supreme Alchemic Bizarre Overtures. Project of Lord Tiranna & Scharack of Nahual horde. Conceptual work around the elements of fire and water. Really Dead Alchemic Keys in anywell-known road, the star grass is the spirit introspection, based in the contributes of Hermes and Black Pest!!! 4 hymns. Color cover. Sold Out!!!! Hail Satanic Victory!!!

MIP 003: MENTAL ALTERATION "Prophecy of disgrace" (cassette- limited edition: 100 copies).
Unholy & Brutal Death Black Metal of the same Hell!!! Medieval Warriors involve in witchcraft conjurations, Latin chants, Honor &Vengeance. Re-edition of the demo '94. Guest Lord Tiranna & Scharack from Nahual horde.4 hymns. New Color cover. Sold Out!!!! Hail Satanic Victory!!!

MIP 005: WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY Vol. I (cassette comp. + Zine BDM).
Cassette with: Ammit (Chile), Daemon est deus inversus (Brasil), Kvntvr (Italia), Lament (Brasil), Liber Spirituum (Ecuador), Dominion (Uruguay), Sargatanas (México),Sheolgeenna (Chile), Mutilated Christ (Ecuador), Nahual (Perú), Sabathan (Bolivia), Unholy Massacre (Brasil). Zine with: all bands from cassette comp. + Pactum, Govanon, Warfare, Masshu, Sabbat, Aquam Igni, Gneneshen, ... Last copies!!!
Magistellus Infernal Cassette Comp. + Zine: S/. 10 (Perú) - US$ 3.00 (World)

MIP 006: LAMENT "6 (66) years of blasphemy" (cassette- limited edition: 150 copies).Commemorating the six years of Lament horde, MIP productions makes a tribute to these big Warriors with the special edition of their demos "Enuma Elish Nabu Shamanu" ('98) and "Hynnu A Satanas" ('95) + 2 bonus tracks from gig in ' 95. Sold out!!!

MIP 008: NAHUAL "Triumph of the blackhearts" (cassette-bloodcult series / limited edition: 100 copies)
3 news hymns of pure holocaust and war + 1Darkthrone's cover, black/red cover with lyrics and photos. Sold Out!!!! Hail Satanic Victory!!!

MIP 009: BLOODDAWN "WARmageddom" (cassette-bloodcult series / limited edition: 100 copies)
4 hymns of war black metal from a new great brasilian horde, black/red cover. Sold out!!!

MIP 010: WARFARE "Voices From Hell" (cassette / limited edition: 300 copies)
The new holocuast from the south hasbegun!!!!! 8 great black metal hymns from the southern cold lands (Chile), b/w cover.
Prices: S/. 6.00 (Peru) - $2.00 (World) Last copies!!!

MIP 011: IMPERIAL "Aggressors ... Not Followers" (CD-R / limited edition: 100 copies)
The great french cult in a special underground edition with hymns from demos, reh, studio and live. Included a pin + sticker. Sold out!!!

MIP 012: BEHALF FIEND "JourneyMystic to the Knowledge of Occults Secrets" (CD-R / limited edit: 100 copies)
From the past, from the dark year 1995 return the Behalf Fiend “Journey Mystic …” DT on new limited version CD-R with one bonus track. Total 40 minutes of pure Satanic Art. Last 2 copies!!!
Prices: S/. 6 (Perú) - US$ 2 (World)

MIP 013: NAHUAL “Massive Onslaught From Hell” (CD / Limited edition to 500 copies)
Thesecond album of Nahual is available out now! 8 blackhymns of Total Dismal and Nefastous Black Metal from Hell!!!
Prices Normal edition: S/. 20.00 (Perú) - $ 6.00 (World) Third edition of 300 copies available now!!!! Last 4 copies!!!
Prices Limited edition to 100 copies (slipcase + patch) Sold out!!!

MIP 014: BLACK WINTER "Still alive ... but soon dead" (Cassette / limited edition: 150 copies)...