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1. Write the characteristics of Liberalism, conservation and nationalism-
• Religious toleration for all
• Separation of churches & states

• Based ontraditions & social stability, fowored obedience to political authority and believed that organized religion was crucial to order in society.

• Each nationality should have itsown government.

2. The meaning of Imperialism.
The extencion of a nations power over other lands.

3. What is a time line?
A time line shows important events that are in order

4. Who wasGavrilo Princip?
He was a serb student, who kill fransisco fernando and his wife

5. Which was the material that the people of the earliest period made their tools?

6. Who believed in thepolitical philosophy known as conservation?

7. Write the causes of the World War I.
• Militarism
• Germany wanted to take over
• A serb student kill fransisco Fernandoand his wife

8. Write the names of the allies before World War I.
• Portugal
• U.S.A.
• Greece
• France
• British empire
• Italy
• Russia
• Belguim
• Japan
• Romania
• And others

9. Write the name of the man that was influenced by revolutionary ideals.
creole elites

10. Which was the writing of the Sumerians?Cuneiform

11. Write the name of the thirteen colonies.
• Georgia
• South Carolina
• North Carolina
• Virginia
• Pennsylvania
• New york
• Maryland
• Delaware
•New jersey
• Conneticut
• Rhode island
• Massachusetts
• New Hampshire

12. Write the names of the two alliances before World War I.
allies and the great powers

13. Write thetime line of the World War I.
• june 28th 1914- Gavrilo Princip murders the monarchs of austria.

• July 30th 1914- Austria and Hungary attack Serbia and then Russia declres war against...
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