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First to all, I've decided write this letter because I've interested in this carreer (Computer Networks and Information Security) and I want to apply for ascholarship. I've studied at Uniminuto for one year and I want to explain the reasons to apply for this scholarship
I have always motivated the informationsecurity and all about this fact, the world is in constant change and I have always wanted knowledge more and more about this subject, I've been a goodstudent in both semesters so far and I'll remain the best student. I have interested this carreer (Computer Networks and Information Security) for its importancein the world and obviously in Colombia.
My average has been 4.60 on first semester and 4.38 on second semester clear that I have not finished this semesteryet, but I think I've ended like that, I've always been the best of my classroom, in the other hand, my financial situation has not been good in recentmonths and I pay the bills it's too complicated for me.
With this I want be honest, because my intentions to apply a scholarship is safe and I've decidedcontinue with plan to create my own company, but it's necessary continue with my studies in Computer Networks and Information Security, add-one for this plan isbelong a research group at uniminuto and develop my knowledge one step more that others and find the success on my business
Finally, I want to thank you forconsidering my application, that's all for now but I really thank you for read my reasons and you can see why I've wanted this scholarship since first semester
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