Dracula capitulo 5 como murio lucy

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How Lucy Died
. The three friends had many things to talk about. After dinner, Mina spoke to him quietly.
Mina: Arthur, dear, Lucy's death has been a great shock to us both. Can you tell us how shediedi
Arthur: I returned from Amsterdam about a week after you left Hythe,' Arthur replied. 'By that time, Lucy was very ill. Her face was palé and she was very thin.
Mina. 'Was Lucy still leavingher bed at night? Was she still walking in her sleepi" Mina asked.
Arthur: Yes,' Arthur saíd. 'And she began to have strange dreams. She saw red eyes and golden dust moving in the air.
Jonathan:'The dreams worried me,' Arthur went on. 'I sent a telegram to Professor Van Helsing in Amsterdam. He carne to Hythe immediately. So he examined lucy and he gave her a blood transfusion cause she neededit
Jonathan: Did she had any marks on her throat
Arthur: Yes, how did you know? That warried the proffessor very much.
Mina: 'Did the blood help Lucy?
Arthur: Yes, she looked better at once,'Arthur replied. 'And she had a quiet night. In the morning she was well and happy. Van Helsing visited her and brought lots of garlic25 plants!
Jonathan: Then the Professor knew (said quietly)
Arthur:Knew what?. The garlic had a very strong smell. But Van Helsing put it all round our bedroom. Then he twisted some of the white flowers together and put them around Lucy's neck.'
Jonathan: 'Whydidn't the gatlic keep Lucy safe. 'I cannot understand it. . 'I cannot understand it

NARRADOR: Arthur told his friends the rest of the story.
Van Helsing stayed in Hythe for a few days. Slowly, Lucygrew stronger.
One night, Arthur went out to visit a sick child. Van Helsing was in the Hbrary reading. Lucy was sleeping in her room. The garlic flowers were round her neck and she looked verybeautiful. The bedroom window was shut.

Arthur: I was away for several hours. 'It was morning when I returned, but the house was silent, I went into the library. Van Helsing was sleeping in the chair....
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