Draft of jeeves in the springtime

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Department of English
Subject: Lecturas II

Jeeves in the springhouse
by P. G Woodhouse

Joanne Dayan

Essay: Jeeves in the springhouse by P. G Woodhouse

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have or that isn’t accepted by your social status? P. G Woodhouse uses this theme in his short story Jeeves in the springtime. Inhere we see how a social status can keep apart people “who cares for each other”. In the time he wrote this story two people from different social status couldn’t be together because it wasn’t accepted by society.

The setting of this short story takes place a few years before the Second World War broke out which was when he wrote the story. P. G Woodhouse has the habit to take something ofhis real world be it his aunts, the scenery or even buildings and portray it in his stories. In this case he extrapolates a social aspect in which the lower class and the high class can’t be together.

The story is told in first person from the point of view of Bertie Wooster. The whole story revolves around Bingo Little who is of high class and who fell in love with Mabel a waitress whoworks in a club. Bingo seeks the advice of Jeeves, the valet of Bertie his best friend who has a good reputation on how to resolve problems. Jeeves tells him to read some books of love between people of high and lower class to his uncle to soften him and then ask for the money he needs to marry Mabel. In the end, Bingo doesn’t get the money or the girl because his uncle decided to marry his cook.And Jeeves who hadn’t revealed who was his girlfriend tells his master that it is Mabel who is stunned by the discovery and the way Jeeves had manipulated the situation in his favor.

The story begins by introducing Jeeves who is an intelligent, clever and hard working man. Jeeves is a valet who works for Bertie Wooster that considers him a “guide, a philosopher and a good friend” (1).Some of the functions he realized as a valet are to keep the house in complete order and be at the disposal of his master at all times. In addition, he also performs other functions that usually consist of solving the problems of his master and his friends. In this story Jeeves is the person who manipulates a situation in his favor to get what he wants. He also takes the liberty of choosing for hismaster like clothes as it is shown in the story when Bertie was waiting for the shirting he had liked and Jeeves decided to send them back before even asking his master. He is what we call the master behind the scenes.

Bertie Wooster is the one that narrates the story. He is an easy going high class man who only listens to Jeeves’ advices. He is easily manipulated by Jeeves and Bingothus falling in some awkward situations like when Bingo told him to go and have lunch with his uncle without knowing the real situation which was that he was supposedly the author of the books Bingo had been reading to his uncle to soften him. He is what we once called a “foolish British man” (2). He is unreliable, depends on other people mostly Jeeves, easy to manipulate, etc.

Bingo Littleis Bertie’s best friend. He is an easy going man that doesn’t have such of a good education, depends financially of his uncle and he easily falls in love in spring as the story tells. The story revolves around him when he falls in love with Mabel who is a waitress who is also in a lower social status than he is. He goes to Jeeves to get an advice on how to tell his uncle to let loose a little ofhis money so that he could marry Mabel. He is what we called a momma’s boy. Doesn’t work, doesn’t care about how much he spends; believe himself to be the last Coca-Cola of the desert in other words he believe himself to be an awesome man.

Mr. Mortimer Little is Bingo’s uncle. He is an upper class rich man; he is an educated person who likes to read unlike his nephew who only reads...
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