Drawbacks of social network sites

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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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Jesica A. Treviño

Drawbacks of Social Networking Sites

“Do you have Facebook?”. “You can see the pictures of the party in Facebook”. “I am usually on line all day”. “I will send the detailsof my party via Twitter, so I do not need to call each one of my friends”. Nowdays we have heard comments like these. The Social Networks like Facebook have reached an amazing popularity worldwidesince this is a easy way to communicate with friends and family, meet people, and have fun with games and music. However, you should know about the drawbacks to Social Networks such as the coss of privacyand of time.

For a while, it seems like is people unaware of how being an user of Social Networks can affect their privacy. A lot of a user's personal information is accessible to friends, iteven may be accesible to people we don’t know. Too much information or very specific information might lead to sharing details that other people can use for bad purposes. To illustrate, someone can stealyour pictures and have fun with it. In addition, people that you just meet and whose intentions you do not know their intentions can use your personal information to hound you.

On these onlinespaces you can have fun, but maybe you are not conscious about the hours you are spending on the computer. Too much fun can result in waste of time. We have to ask ourselvs if the time we are spending onthe computer is really necessary and what we have stopped doing that we once did in the past. Teenagers, who are the main users of this Social Networks, can prefer to chatt or play games, instead ofdoing homework or doing some social and positive activity like learning to play some instrument or playing some sport. Even though, many parents know how many hours the kids devote to the computer,they do not pay attention to what they are doing and if it has a good purpose and benefit.

Each day new users are suscribing to and using Social Networking Sites as a very important way to...
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