Dreams are not enough

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Angel of Music

Brava, brava, bravissima

Christine, Christine
Where in the world have you been hiding?
Really you were perfect
I only wish I knew your secret
Who is your great tutor?

Father once spoke of an angel
I used to dream he’d appear
Now as I sing I can sense him
And I know he’s here
Here in this room he calls me softly
Somewhere inside hiding
Somehow I know he’s alwayswith me
He the unseeing genius

Christine you must have been dreaming
Stories like this can’t come true
Christine you're talking in riddles
And it’s not like you

Angel of music guide and guardian
Grant to me your glory
Who is the angel of music?
Angel of music hide no longer
Secret and strange angle

He’s with me here right now
Your hands are cold
Around me
Your face Christineit’s white
It frightens me
Don’t be frightened

Phantom of the Opera

In sleep he sang to me in dreams he came
That voice which calls to me and speaks my name
And though I dream again for now I find
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside my mind

Sing once again with me our strange duet
My power over you grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me to glance behind
The phantom of theopera is there
Inside your mind

Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear
It’s me they hear
Your/my spirit and my/your voice in one combined
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside my/your mind

You're the phantom of the opera
Is there the phantom of the opera?
Sing to me angel, sing, sing for me.

I have brought you
To the seat of the music’s throneTo this kingdom where all must be homage to music, music
You have come here
For one purpose and one alone
Since the moment I first heard you sing
I have needed you with me to serve me to sing
My music, my music

I remember there was mist
Swirling mist upon a vast glassy lake
There were candles all around
And on the lake there was a boat
And in the boat there was a man
Who was thatshape in the shadows
Whose is the face in the mask?

Damn you,
You little prying Pandora
You little demon
This is what you wanted to see
Curse you,
You little lying Delilah
You little viper
Now you can not ever be free
Damn you, curse you

Stranger than you dreamt it
Can you even dare to look?
Or bear to think of me
This loathsome gargoyle
Who burns in hell but secretly?
Yearnsfor heaven secretly, secretly, Christine

Fear can turn to love
You'll learn to see to find the man
Behind the monster
This repulsive carcass who seems a beast
But secretly dreams of beauty,
Secretly… oh Christine

All I Ask of You

No more talk of darkness
Forget these wide eyed fears
I’m here, nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you
Let me be your freedom
Let daylightdry your tears
I’m here with you beside you
To guard you and to guide you

Say you’ll love me every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summertime
Say you’ll need me with you now and always
Promise me that all you say is true
That’s all I ask of you

Let me be your shelter
Let me be your guide
You’re safe no one will find you
Your fears are far behind you
All I want is freedomA world with no more night
And you always beside me
To hold me and to hide me

Then say you’ll share with me one love one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you here beside you
Anywhere you go let me go too
Christine that’s all I ask of you
Say you’ll share with me one love one lifetime
Say the words and I will follow you
Share each day with me each nighteach morning
Say you love me, you know I do
Love me,
That’s all I ask of you

Anywhere you go let me go too
Love me,
That’s all I ask of you

Order your fine horses
Be with them at the door
And soon you’ll be beside me
You’ll guard me and you’ll hide me

I gave you my music
Made your song take wing
And now, how you repay me
Deny me and betray me
He was meant to love you
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