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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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I have seen this movie a lot of times and I never get bored. It is about Paul Crewe a former NFL QB who is sent to jail after driving drunk because his girlfriend had a party and he wanted to do aride in his girlfriend´s car. His girlfriend after she realize that her car wasn´t in the garage, she called the police, Paul was in an avenue when two police officers noticed that he had beers and hewas drunk. Then the persecution started and the persecution was on TV. On a big avenue a lot of police officers made Paul stamp to a police car. Then he go to jail and all the criminals don´t like himbecause they said that he sell a NFL game. Then he knew Caretaker the only criminal that not hate him. The president of the jail wanted to do a practice game between police officers and criminals andhe told to Crewe he was going to be the Quarterback of the criminals but first he need to made the criminal´s team. He assembled the team but he needed to do a lot of things like play a basketballgame with black and strong guys. He found a coach and they started to practice. One day after the game Caretaker was murdered by one criminal but he after his dead he made off uniforms and a name for theteam that was Mean Machine. The Game came and The Mean Machine was losing 14-0 in the first 2 drives. But by a great action of Paul they go to the midtime with the score tied 14-14. In the corridorThe jail president told Paul that if he doesn´t lose the game he is going to be 25 years more in jail being framed for the murder of Caretaker. In the 3 quarter Paul was intercepted and he said that hewas injured and can´t play anymore. The score was 35-14 and Crewe returned to the field but their teammates doesn´t trust more in him. He made a first down by his legs and his teammates starts totrust in him again. In that drive they scored a Touchdown and in the police drive they forced a fumble and the score was 35-28. In the 4th Quarter less than two minutes they scored a Touchdown and...
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