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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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Drug abuse is a serious problem facing our society these days, almost all countries in the world try to combat problems regarding to drugs. Drugs are chemicals that modify the functioning of a living being, affecting the nervous system and fight against the human natural feeling. Differently from what most of people think the usage of drugs can affect the society in many different aspects, notonly the consumers but also those who has nothing to deal whit the drugs, Consumption can turn into addiction and provoke dependence as well as a syndrome abstinence whey your body need it. Billions of dollars are spent worldwide to fight crime drug-related. This paper will discuss how the consumption of illegal substances influences our society these days and can the government can do to help solvethis problem.

Drugs are chemicals, natural or synthetic, that cause mental and physical changes to who consumes them and lead to physical and psychological dependence. Their systematic dependence have serious physical, psychological and social results, which may lead to death in extreme cases, usually by breathing or circulatory problems. In addition to the traditional drugs, included in thelist with smoking and alcohol. The dependence begins with drug abuse when a person makes a conscious choice to use drugs, but addiction is not only "the use of large amounts of drugs which does not only interfere with normal brain function, creating feelings of pleasure, but also has long term effects on metabolism and brain activity, at some point, changes can occur in the brain turning abuse inaddiction. People addicted to drugs have a desire compulsory and can not leave the drugs willingly.
There are many reasons that can lead someone to use drugs. Each person has their own reasons. Parents should not jump to conclusions if they suspect or discover if their child has used or is using drugs. The drugs we are spreading all over the planet not only atschool but at home on the streets principally. The number of adolescent who begin to use drugs, and it just is growing every day in the world. Some by having the head much weak end to the "friend" who insists that you try. It has no gap between their status such economic, poor and rich are all average class users. A survey shows that sixty-seven percent of youth in the United States, 18 percent ofyoung adults and 62 percent of adults has consumed at least once, stimulants for non-medical reason. It is estimated that more than three million people in the U.S. consume amphetamines for non-medical reasons, between 15 and 20 million use cocaine, 50 million smoke cigarettes.
Drug consumption causes or is involved in the development of several diseases, damagesand organic and psychological problems. For example: Hepatitis, cirrhosis, cardiovascular disorders, Depression, Psychosis, Paranoia, etc..  Regarding to social problems, drug addicts are often involved in assaults, public disorder, racial conflicts and marginalization. When they start to need more drugs than other people may be ruined or destroyed intimate relationships and friendships lost. Youcan stop participating in the world, drop goals and plans, but grow as a person, not a constructive attempt to solve problems and use more drugs as a "solution." The abuse of drugs can also harm others, for example, the money being paid drugs can deprive family life satisfaction as food or clothing. Discussing the problems and issues of addiction can lead to family conflicts. Violent reactions todrugs may lead the user to commit assaults and even murder. If a pregnant woman take drugs without medical supervision can cause birth defects in the new being who is in management. Abusing of drugs is against the law. The offenders are aware that they might be at risk of having to pay fines or imprisoned.
 The addicted often suffer a wide range of psychological disorders, such as negative moods...
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