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Are there any armchairs in your living room? Yes, there are (si, si hay)Describe your bedroom. It's small, there is a bed and a closet too( es pequeña, hay una cama y tambien un closet)Do you haveany brothers or sisters? Yes, I do. I have a brother( si, tengo un hno)Do you live in a house or in an apartment? I live in a House(vivo en una casa)Do you take a bus?Yes, I do(si)How are you today?Verygood(muy bien)°How do you come to classes? °How do you come to the institute everyday?How do you spell your last name?C-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E (ci- ei-ti-eich-i-ar-ai-en-i)How many rooms does yourhouse/apartment have? There are three rooms(hay 3 habitaciones)how old are you? I'm 15 xD(tengo...(edad))How old are your parents? My mom is... and my dad is ...(mi mama tiene(edad) y mi papa tiene(edad)Ithere a TV/lamp/bed/computer/bookcase/mirror/rug in your bedroom? Yes, there are(si, si hay)Name three things there are in your dining room. There are a Table, a Tv and a lamp(hay una mesa, una tele y unalampara)Name three things there are in your kitchen. There are a microwave, a table and a cookery(hay un microondas, una mesa y una cocina)What are they doing? (corriendo-yendo de compras-andando enbicicleta) They are cooking(elloos estan cocinando)What are you like? I like go to shopping with my best friend(me gusta salir de compras con mi mejor amiga)What are you wearing today? I'm wearing ajeans and a jacket (un jeans y una chaqueta)What are your favorite colors? My favorite color is orange(mi color favorito es el naranjo)What color are your shoes? My boots are brown (botas cafes)
Whatto they do? (cocinero-cajero-asistente de vuelo) He's an airplane assistant(el es un asistente de vuelo)What do you do after classes? I'm go to my house(me voy a mi casa)What is the teacher wearingtoday?(que usa el profe hoy xd no se)What is you boyfriend/girlfriend/mother/father like?My boyfriend likes all cars(a mi novio le gustan todos los autos)What is your last name?RodriguezWhat time do...
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