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our latest adventure for several years beginning when we asked ourselves to do to provide remote management and unique adventures. Many of these plans we've shown over the past five years, some are in the process of LLECE out, but perhaps one of the most was this.
driving on the roads of northern Canada winter always meant a great challenge for our team. was little talk of these routes beforethe famous TV series "Northern truckers but since then we thought to get there and share the workday with one of the most demanding and dangerous jobs in the world, carry heavy loads over frozen lakes.
finally we were successful.that someone would think to make a road on a frozen lake or river?
origin, although it is not entirely clear, it needs clear. man's ancestors moved onto the ice forthousands of years, but we live in different times and the needs go beyond the simple nomadic life and survival. the paths of winter officially dating canada nore of the decade of the 50 `s, when the need arose to reach the remote northern locations to transport goods, machinery and others.
if you have opportunity to take a look at a detailed map of noretse teeritorios, Nunavut or the Yukon in Canada,may be gutter that is a more ecosystem formed by networks of lakes and rivers to the mainland, by which reach certain locasiones is particularly difficult and sometimes impossible.
according to some scientific theories, the whole area of lakes in northern Canada was created after a massive and spontaneous thawing after the most recent ice age, which also generatesthat many of the minerals in theNorth American plate were more accessible after herosion by large masses of ice. At what does all this this oarafernalia scientific?. simple, when and tarting to explore northern Canada was very valuable minerals, among which stands the very same cause of the most dangerous fieber the gold.
past several years has been north of canada porducto of exploitation of valuable minerals, including metalspreciososy, since less than 20 years after the discovery of specific minerals, has become one of the most important diamond production of world.

With the clock ticking, we went to meet our target in northern Canada. One of our greatest advantages was that we used the diesel version of the Q5, it already knew its excellent fuel efficiency and dynamic capabilities on the road, which would reduceour detention required on the road.
We packed and left touching five in the morning on a Thursday to not stop until they crossed the border north, just to reach the United States 2,000 km later, after no less than 18 hours drive between two conductors. Since we started with the attitude of truck drivers.
Food, short breaks, shift changes every two hours driving tens of liters of diesel and ourtime in Mexico was summarized in a single photograph our entry into Chihuahua. We knew it was a long and time was gold ... literally.

Our second day started rather late, because as we crossed the border at night we did not find a good insurance to give us cover for the adventure in the U.S. and Canada. This was to dedicate a few hours of the morning of the second day to find a company that weprocess this insurance and set the goal in Denver, Colorado.

The passage of the U.S. Mexican desert was almost imperceptible until we began to climb the mountains of New Mexico, where it happened our first encounter with snow, not so much by our
proximity to the north, but the abrupt change in altitude.

Once again on level ground and on our way to Denver, we went through the Great Plainsthat gave rise to the horse, endless meadows snow that made us think that thereafter we would see more snow and ice.
After spending a night in Denver left with the clear goal of crossing the Canadian border that night. To our surprise, despite being closer to the north, as we descended to the plains of Colorado road to Wyoming, the snow began to disappear again to give rise to green meadows...
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