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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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The Will to Kill

It doesn´t matter how the rain falls, how the ravens caw, how the blood is shedding…

This is not a happy, warming or charming story, so, I must warn you, this story is aboutmurder, blood, pain, desperation and the most important, revenge.

A school assassin, unknown name, we´ll call him “Gerrard”, an elegant and short name, thin, spotty, glasses, well, notgood-looking but really smart. Is a shame that intelligence now is not a virtue, is a tragedy.

The cause is obvious, but the will is rare, maybe after all the humiliations a person can break down andjust live for the revenge, we certainly don’t know, but hate in the heart can be a mortal weapon that can be shooted versus innocent people, well, doesn´t matter, let´s stop explaining and go to thestory.

A perfect plan designed by a thirsted for blood brain, ¿what can be a school, without a head? Is obvious it can snap so easily like leafs in fall. All the mornings the director use theschool van to go to some restaurants to have breakfast, that morning was not the exception, the plan is easy, erase the director and sow panic at school, Gerrard follow him and wait for a good chance, thedirector went to the bathroom, then it happened, I won’t relate that, such a part can only be described by a dark soul. After wash the hands, Gerrard get out from there and the first part was done,“The director is dead” he said quietly.

At school was a conference in the auditorium and

everybody were invited, the director was the leader, he didn´t appear, two, five, ten minutes and nothing,at the twelfth minute the lights were gone out and the screen shows the image of the head, the only clue of what happen in the restaurant’s bath, some people shout, another laugh, another couldn´tbreathe, a voice was appeared from nowhere, was a terrific voice like the horror movies show in the phone calls before the serial killer appears, this voice said “Stop crying little girls, nobody...
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