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Greek to Gothic
Greek life was dominated by religion and so it is not surprising that the temples of ancient Greece were the biggest and most beautiful. The Greeks developed three architecturalsystems, called orders, the Greek orders are: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The arts of ancient Greece have exercised an enormous influence on the culture of many countries. Architecture was extinct inGreece from the end of the Mycenaean period about 1200 BC, Common materials of Greek architecture were wood, used for supports and roof beams; plaster, used for sinks and bathtubs; unbaked brick, usedfor walls; limestone and marble, used for columns, walls, and upper portions of temples and public buildings; terracotta, used for roof tiles; and metals, especially bronze, used for decorativedetails. The temple was the most common and best-known form Greek public architecture. The temple did not serve the same function as a modern church.
The Greek people based his designs in animals, withstrong lines and warm colors, some like brown, black, red and yellow.
In the Roman Empire the architecture was more advanced, they invented Aqueducts, that were built to bring water to urban centers andwine and oil were imported from abroad.
If you compared the Greek culture to the roman culture, you will notice that the Greek persons were idealists and in Rome were individualism, they about thebeauty and in Roma about the glory, they practice the harmony and perfection, the roman people though about power and practically. The Greek and roman art started with terracotta sculptures, then theyconcentrated more in the politics and started to building churches, temples, years later they used wall paintings, concrete, arches, and built the Colosseum and they built monuments like theParthenon.
The gothic art was very different from the Roman and Greek art, they created the cathedrals, the typical gothic church floor plan was in form of a cross, the gothic art was looking forilumination...
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