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ECE 123 Introcution curriculum in early childhood

How will I apply these chapters to my teaching?
The children came to the classroom with many differences suchus culture, family expectations, environment, abilities, temperament, experiences, social status, interest etc.
As a teacher I will provide a safe andcomfort environment, freedom to explore, engage in their play, interact with them, and meet their needs through observation to know in what skill need support, followtheir interest, identify their strengths or to find out a problem behaviour, talk with children and their families, ask questions to build relationships with the childand their families. I will be a responsive and sensitive teacher to build attachment with the child because they need to know that some one will be respond to them.Select and provide enough material to support their learning. Children learn through observation by watching others for these reasons as a teacher we need to havegood attitudes and values.
Is important to know that we had different organizations to guide and support children Education Is important the inclusion ofchildren with special needs. As a teacher I will set goals for a child with special needs because they have the legal right to be including in class. I will arrange theclassroom with interesting areas for large and small groups. Parents and teachers had a big impact in the children life for these reason all children should be carewith warmth and sensitive care especially during the first five years of life because in this manner children can have a healthy and positive emotional development.
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