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1) Definition (s) of Economics and the objective
Is the study of consumption, distribution and production of goods and services.
2) Definitions Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and examples.
•Macroeconomics: study the economy of a country, taxes, stock market, employment, currencies, trade balance, appreciation and devaluation.
• Microeconomics: companies, personal economy and fusions
3)Examples of Positive and Normative economics
• Positive: NUMBERS, description, exactly.
• Normative: SUGGESTIONS, critics, comments, only words.
4) Definitions of price, value, use-value andvalue of exchange
• Price: how much, send and buy only
• Value: is the appreciation of the good, how important the goods and services are for us
• Use-value: is the value by the utility of the goodor service,
• Exchange value: is the comparison of the goods, physical characteristics
5) Needs and wants: definition and identify examples
• Needs: the things that we need to survive, example:eat, education, coexist with other people, wearing and a house
• Wants: wishes, and desires that people have, example: celphone, go to the disco, car.
6) Types of goods: Study examples of each type• Intermediary goods: they are used in the production of other products, such a partly of the final one, example: sugar, textiles, ancillary parts, car engines.
• Capital goods: goods that help tomake another goods better, example: machinery, tools and technology to create, equipment, glue, meters, printer.
• Substitute goods: when the DEMAND of a product increases because the PRICE ofanother good increases too, example: coffee and tea, margarine and butter, mp4 and mp4, petroleum and natural gas, turkey and chicken.
• Complementary goods: are the goods in pair that we need to buy orconsume both, example: DVD and DVD player, CDs and CD player, tea bag and water, toothbrush and toothpaste, bread and butter, car and gasoline.
• Public goods: those goods that can be consume by all...
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