Economy fantasy

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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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Economic Fantasy

1. SHORT TERM GOAL- My short term goal is to save up enough money for a vacation. I am really interested on investing 30% or $3,600 of my total $12,000 budget on Nordstrom. Ichose Nordstrom because even though they have a negative percentage per year return and a difference between its best and worst years of percentage return of around 141% which makes this investmentdangerous for my final income, also because that is the c. This percentage is extremely risky but my intentions are to obtain as much as possible, even if the risk is too high. Also, as shown in the 10year expense projection for every $10,000 dollars invested there is a return amount of $1,767.00 dollars. The best percentage return in one year (2009) was of 88.54% making Nordstrom the best choice toinvest a short term investment. Also because as more time passes, for example 5 years, the percentage of return increases. In this case it went up from -8.56% to 4.63% in 5 years. Another stock I wouldlike to invest in for my short term goals is Tesla Motors because they are Serbian technologic advancements and it has been progressing over the years. There is about 1.46% of return every 6 monthsmaking around $2,920 per year for every $1,000 invested. This is why I chose Tesla Motors as one of my investments because I can get the most out of it in the least amount of time.

2. MEDIUM TERMGOAL- My medium term goal is to try to earn enough profit from my investment to buy a car. My investment interest for my medium term goal is AT&T for the percentage of 20% or $2,400 of the remaining$8,400 dollars of my budget. I decided to choose AT&T as a reliable and profitable fund because even though the percentage for the year return decreases from 4.41% after a 5 year return percentage of1.51% and also because it’s the phone company my family is subscribed with. Even though there is a decrease in income or return, there is still a small but profitable percentage as return. According...
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