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Describe project:
This Project will be based on entertainment for people of Prepa Tec. Our product will consist on renting T.V. series to students, teachers and workers atPrepa Tec. We planned on renting T.V. series because they are shorter than movies so that students or teachers can easily see them in just one school period.
Responsibility: To avoid students missingclass, they will have to show the credential that will contain the schedule of their classes so if they have any class, they won’t be able to rent series.
Who will be in charge: our team iscommitted to spend free times in this business, and also we will ask for teacher to lend us scholars so they can be in charge for a while and in change we will lend teachers series that they might use fortheir class.
Where: this stand will be placed right outside of the cafeteria, where almost everyone spends their free time.
Target Market:
It will focus on people from Prepa Tec, such as students,teachers, and employees. Form ages 14 to 70 years old. It will be focus on students that don’t have a car, or money to go out during his/her free time and get bored during this time.

MARKET SURVEYObjctive: Identify
Focus Group: Prepa TEC students.

Results: 28 people were asked about 10 questions.

1. ¿Cuál es tu edad?;
1 person of 14
6 people of 15
12 people of 166 people of 17
3 people of 18

2. Sexo
13 Men
15 Women

3. ¿Tienes clases libres?
Everyone said yes.

4.¿Cuentas con una laptop?
26 said Yes
2 said no

5.¿Utilizarias tu tiempolibre para ver una serie?
25 said Yes
3 Said No

6.¿Que tan seguido ves series de TV?
2 said Frequently
21 said sometimes
5 said never.

7.¿Qué generos de series acostumbras a ver?
12said suspense
10 said Comedy
6 said Drama

8.¿Pagarias por rentar una serie y verla en una hora libre?
25 said yes
3 said no

9.¿Cuanto pagarías por rentar una serie?
11 people said...
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