Ejemplo de diario de campo

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Field Diary
E1 (Tec Access)

For this observation my role was: Observer as Participant.
I, as an Observer, was trying to answer these questions:
Do the people, that often come to smoke to theE1, have some characteristics in common? And: does temperature has any relation with the number of people smoking.

February 23rd 2010, 4:38pm 8ºC

-23 people were out there.
-19 of the people weresmoking.
-People come in and out from Tec, some others remain there smoking.
-Most of the people come in pairs, some other come in groups of 3 and just a few come alone.
-People who smoke come inand out faster that those who are not smoking.
-Most of the people seem to be part of the high or mid-high class.
-The social status can, be deduced by their clothes such as purses, shoes, umbrellasand some other brand accessories.
-At 6:00pm more people arrived.

February 25th 2010, 12:47pm [not cold]
- 13 people at E1.
- 100% were smoking.
- 6 pairs.
- 1 person alone.
-I interactedwith them, at the beginning they were confused of who I was, then I explained them.
-I asked them their natal city and I found: 3 people of Monterrey (2 of them where together)
-8 people were fromMexicans but from a different state.
-2 people were foreigners (1 from Costarrica [alone] and 1 from LA[with a guy from Monterrey])
-7 of them seem to have a high social class.

February 26th 2010,1:33pm [not cold]
-People who came alone just throw their cigarette and come back to Tec.
-People who came in pairs or in groups, remain there talking and then go back to Tec.
-Just seven people,could be because it’s Friday or because it’s hotter that other days.
-Most of the people were smoking but 1 girl, who was with a smoker guy.

Conclusion: with this experience, I personally thinkthey have many elements they share, example of this is the clothes, that they usually come in pairs, and apparently they pretend to express a certain status by smoking at E1. Another thing that I...
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