Ejemplo de examen indicativo 2011 ingles uanl

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Examen Indicativo Ingles 4to Semestre U.A.N.L.

I. Write the following sentences in the passive voice.
1. They arrested her last week.
2. John wrote a letter.
3. They invited tenfriends to the party.
4. They have just built a new house.
5. The police caught the thieves yesterday.
6. The maid will clean all the house for tomorrow.
7. My brotherhit me.
8. They removed two cars from the street.
9. They have just cleaned the room.
10. We will build a new house.

II. Fill in the blanks with the verbs do or make.Don't forget to check the tense.
11. My neighbours are always a lot of noise.
12. After lunch, my mother usually the dishes.
13. Excuse me, could you please me a favour?
14. Don'tforget to your homework tonight.
15. She has a great effort to pass the final exam.
16. In her free time she usually some crosswords.
17. your best and try to work harder next time.18. After the bed, Maria had her breakfast.
19. It won't any harm to clean your room.
20. You have just finished this exercise!
III. Fill in the blank using the verb in brackets inPresent Perfect or Simple Past
21. Jane (stay) at home yesterday.
22. Your letter (arrive) two days ago.
23. I (live) here for ten years.
24. Last week we (go) to the cinema.
25. Thegame (start) . They are playing now.
26. I (phone) you at five and you weren't there.
27. I (lose) my watch, I can't find it.
28. Last month Sarah (travel) to Italy.
29. I (work)all day and now I'm tired.
30. We (buy) a new house last week.
III. Choose the appropriate option to answer or end every sentence.
31. Did you study yesterday?
Yes, I have.
Yes, I did.
32.Have you ever been to London?
Yes, I was.
Yes, I have.
33. You have just made a cake,
haven't you?
didn't you?
34. What did you do last week?
I went to the cinema.
I have been to...