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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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In the life of each one of us there is, at least, a person who has supported us and helped us to get where we are now. Since we arechildren our families have greatly influenced our way through life. Each and every one of them has been witnesses and contributors to our firstword, our first and many other experiences. They’ve helped us in many ways and they are part of who we are right now. Some of them advised us,others make us happy, someone was there to wipe a tear of your face or to calm you down when you were about to explode or even helped youwithout even knowing. What else can I say? In your life there is very large number of person that influence in your success. The importantthing is that you appreciate them for being with you and sharing every important moment along your life. Sometimes they made us do somethingwe don’t like in order to get better. Like stay studying instead of going out, or pushing you to do your duties at home (which help us getmore responsible), but is always for our own good. The thing is that they’ve made our life happier at the end and they’ve always been therefor us. We need people that support and help us because, as humans, our need is to live in community with others and we depend on others tosucceed. They are the ones that make us want to overcome everything and they are the ones who join us during this journey called life.
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