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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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I recently found out about this scholarship program, when I first knew about it I was excited about the idea of living in China and learning the language. But know as I have to write my personalplans I think I am thrilled, beyond excited because when I start thinking about what would I do with this experience I feel a rush in my stomach when I imagine how it would be like. In my opinion thepersonal reasons why I want to go to China are a fundamental part of this experience because If I feel passionate about it I’ll enjoy it as much as I can and I’ll probably will accomplish more that weneed. I believe that motivation can lead to extraordinary results. Let me start by saying that I consider the Chinese culture is relevant in the world because of several factors I’m going to talkabout in this letter. The same that make me feel trilled about this.
In the professional sense it’s very important for me to have the opportunity to study Chinese. My major is in foreign languages andI have been studying Chinese the past 2 years. It is a very difficult language and is not the same to study, listen to Chinese and learn characters for 2 hours everyday than listening to Chinese 24hours a day and be forced to speak in the language too. I think the best way to learn Chinese is to live in the country, have a daily coexistence with the culture and practice talking to thepopulation. This is why I am sure this is the best option because improving or acquiring more Chinese is elementary in my career, as I want to be an excellent element professionally.
The Chinese languageis one of the most ancient languages in the world, one of the first ways the humans used to communicate and express themselves. Everyday this language is becoming more and more important in the worldand this is because if this country economic growth. Mexico is the second Chinas commercial partner. So it is very useful for me to study the Chinese language so I can help with Mexico and China’s...
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