Ejemplo manual de un compilador

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Table of Contents

Introduction --------------------------------2

1.1 Software Description -----------------3

1.2 Specifications ------------------------- 3

1.3 SystemRequirements ---------------- 3

1.4 Operating Instructions----------------4

The Veteran Compiler () is a compiler and is a simple tool that has been implemented to analyze programsource code and pseudocode simple, thus providing quick solutions to solving problems.

The Veteran Compiler is pleased to make available this sophisticated compiler and easy to use, the new experiencein using software compilation. The Veteran Compiler is a powerful collection tool developed under the Java platform, this gives us the ability to run on any machine.

Prepare grape The VeteranCompiler experience is for you, The Veteran Compiler will make those endless hours of hard programming and analysis are considerably reduced, leaving you the task easier and enjoyable.

It's time tocompile, it's time for The Veteran Compiler working for you.


The Veteran Compiler offers a simple interface to handle drawing of Netbeans 6.8, this application allowsus to give The Veteran Compiler portability to run on any computer that has the java virtual machine, but for the creation of this project will use an updated version .


Weused two types (Semantic and AnalizadorLex)

Each are essential parts for a compiler to perform the respective analysis and the semantic lexicon, and are the basis of any compiler.


JVM 1.2 or higher.

CD 8X or higher.

128 MB RAM (256 Recommended or higher).


Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 9X, XP, Vista or 7


Foroptimum performance of the system please read the following steps:

1. Insert the disc in the CD drive.

2. You see a window that indicates whether to open the document containing the disk....
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