Ejercicios practicos ingles.

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Definition of simple present (use and gramar)
We use simple present to express habits or routines, facts and opinions.
We also express general statements of fact.

Timeexpressions | Always, usually, frequently, generally, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, hardly ever, never, from time to time, in general, now and then, once ina while. |
Grammar Structure: | Subject+ verbin main form + complement. |

*10 sentences with each subject pronoun (I/you/she/he/etc)
I work in a school.
I love my dog.
I walk every day.
I type a letter.
I always read the newspaper.
Idrink water every day.
I sleep 8 hours per day
I listen to pop music.
I play guitar.
I help my mom

I don’t work in a school.
I don’t love my dog.

Do I work in a school?Do I love my dog?

You drive carefully.
You play soccer very well.
You sing pretty nice.
You teach Geography in a school.
You look so tired.
You speak so soft.
You sweep your houseevery day.
You ride a horse once in a month.
You write pretty cool letters.
You dance very well.

You don’t drive carefully.
You don’t play soccer very well.
You don’t sing pretty nice.QUESTION
Do you drive carefully?
Do you play soccer very well?
Do you sing pretty nice?

He kisses astounding.
He treats his girl like a princess.
He cooks delicious cookies.
He ironshis clothes.
He washes clothes once in a week.
He does the dishes after dinner.
He lives in a big house.
He cleans his room twice in a month.
He calls me twenty times in a day.
He does hishomework.

He doesn’t kiss astounding
He doesn’t treat his girl like a princess.
He doesn’t cook delicious cookies.

Does he kiss astounding?
Does he trat his girl like aprincess?

She wears ugly clothes.
She feels fear.
She runs every day.
She thinks about her life.
She travels to Europe every year
She asks about the lesson.
She cuts the grass in the morning....
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