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For a child’s birthday party, a family orders 50 hamburgers and 80 hotdogs from a local restaurant that caters. If the restaurant charges $1.50 for each hotdog and the total bill comes to $232.50, how much does the restaurant charge for hamburgers?

[pic] A. $1.50
[pic] B. $1.75
[pic] C. $2.00
[pic] D. $2.25
[pic] E. $4.65
1. If a rectangular hallway is 20 feet wide by 60 feet long, howmany 2-foot-by-2-foot square floor panels are necessary to cover the floor, assuming that there is no space between the floor panels?

[pic] A. 60
[pic] B. 150
[pic] C. 240
[pic] D. 300
[pic] E. 360
2. A saline solution contains 8 grams of sodium chloride for every 100 milliliters of solution. If 35 milliliters of such a solution were poured into an emptybeaker, how many grams of sodium chloride would the beaker contain?

[pic] A. 2.8
[pic] B. 3.2
[pic] C. 3.9
[pic] D. 5.6
[pic] E. 28
3. If a cube has a volume of 27, what is its total surface area?

[pic] A. 9
[pic] B. 27
[pic] C. 36
[pic] D. 54
[pic] E. 81
4. Sally is a teller at a bank. She earns $11.50 per hour andnormally works 8 hours per day. For each hour she works in excess of 8 hours, she is paid 1.5 times her regular rate. If Sally works 47 hours in a given 5-day workweek, and if she works at least 8 hours on each workday, what was her total compensation for the week?

[pic] A. $120.75
[pic] B. $460.00
[pic] C. $540.50
[pic] D. $580.75
[pic] E. $810.75
5. Acertain clock chimes 12 times immediately after the stroke of midnight (12 a.m.), and then chimes 1 time at 1 a.m., 2 times at 2 a.m., and so on until the cycle repeats after the clock chimes 12 times at noon (12 p.m.). If the clock chimes only on the hour, how many times will it have chimed since the stroke of midnight by 3:45 p.m.?

[pic] A. 66
[pic] B. 94
[pic] C. 95[pic] D. 96
[pic] E. 97
6. Last year Chris received his paycheck on the second day of every month. On April 15 he received a 10% raise that applied to all subsequent paychecks. If his monthly paycheck at the beginning of the year was $4,800, what was his total salary for the year?

[pic] A. $5,280
[pic] B. $42,240
[pic] C. $59,860
[pic] D. $61,440[pic] E. $61,920
7. In a certain country, people aged 65 or older make up one-fifth of the total population. The ratio of the number of people aged under 65 to those 65 and older can be expressed as

[pic] A. 1:5
[pic] B. 1:4
[pic] C. 4:5
[pic] D. 4:1
[pic] E. 5:1
8. The area of circle R is 9 times greater than the area of circle S. What is the ratio of thecircumference of circle S to the circumference of circle R?

[pic] A. 1:9
[pic] B. 1:π
[pic] C. 1:3
[pic] D. π:1
[pic] E. 6:1
9. Manuel, a fruit wholesaler, purchased 20,000 pounds of bananas for $2,000. In the first week after his purchase, he was able to sell 12,000 pounds of bananas to his distributors for $0.20 per pound. After the first week he was ableto sell another 5,000 pounds of bananas at half of the previous price per pound. At the end of the second week a zoo purchased all of the remaining bananas for $0.05 per pound. What was Manuel's gross profit on the bananas?

[pic] A. $150
[pic] B. $500
[pic] C. $1,050
[pic] D. $2,400
[pic] E. $3,050
10. A young entrepreneur is running a lemonade stand in whichshe can make up to 250 glasses of lemonade a day. She accepts payment only in quarters ($0.25). She has found that the number of glasses of lemonade she sells is inversely proportional to the price of the lemonade in the following manner: if G is the number of glasses of lemonade she sells in a day and Q is the number of quarters she charges per glass, then G = 250 – 25Q. At what price does...
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