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As a Halliburton Expatriate/Commuter employee, you are given an additional personnel number by where you have two active employee numbers in SAP: 1. 2. Expat/CommuterOut number representing theemployee in their Home country Inpat/CommuterIn number representing the employee in their Host country.

Due to the way SAP security is set-up; your user ID can only be associated with ONE employeerecord. By design, updating information on one of your personnel numbers does not automatically update information on your other record. So it is important to deliberately select the applicable personnelnumber to use for ESS. As a new Employee, you might find the following information useful while using ESS. A User ID (also known as Network ID) is automatically created after a Personnel Action Notice(PAN) is processed and is activated by the host location HR. Your User ID and default password will be provided by your supervisor or local HR. The password can be changed at your convenience.Expat/Commuter-Out record is used for all payroll related purposes – payment of salary, bonuses, other allowances, service award payments, focal point, Maximizing Value-Added Performance (MVP), MiscellaneousExpense Allowance (MEA), Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) etc Inpat record is used for any payment made in local currency – e.g. travel expenses. All information updated in ESS, is uploaded andprocessed in SAP.

System Task Steps
Expats/Commuters ESS Logon 1. Select iTools from the from the Halworld main page.


The iTools main screen will be displayed.


From the HR sectionof the screen, select the ESS-Expats/Commuters link.


The ESS Personnel Number Selection screen will appear displaying your two records.


Highlight the applicable personnel number byclicking the box to the left of the number.


Then click the Select button to identify the personnel number you want to use for this session of ESS


Instructions will appear on the...
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