El concepto de percepción proviene del término latino perceptĭo y se refiere a la acción y efecto de percibir (recibir por uno de los sentidos las imágenes, impresiones o sensaciones externas, o comprender y conocer algo

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INSTITUTION: Colegio Castilla IED
DATE: September 15th 2010
TIME: 105 minutes
TEACHER: Francy Katherine Herrera Parra
GRADE: 4th (402)

TOPIC: The family.

* Watermelon
* Banana
* Strawberry
* Lemon
* Orange
* Pineapple
* Grapes

* Onion
* Rice
* Bean
* Peas
* Potatoes
* Corn
* Tomatoe
Flash cards
Fruits and vegetables bingo game
Fruits and vegetables search word

ACHIEVEMENT: To introduce some fruits and vegetables vocabulary (16 words)ACHIEVEMENT INDICATOR: students are able to recognize and use the words learned.

Vegetables song:
Carrots, beans, and potatoes
Turn around if you can draw
Corn and peas and tomatoesMix and stir up in a pot.
Raise your arms if you like vegetables.

The teacher shows flashcards with different pictures of eight fruits and eight vegetables. Teacher points out thewords using there is and there are and asks the students to repeat each word.

First activity:
1. Teacher introduces bingo game.
2. Students make groups of six and receive aboard and 16 cards with the name of each fruit and vegetable they have learned.
3. Teacher selects randomly cards with the names of each figure and the students have to cover the figure with the cardthat has written the name of the fruit or vegetable.
4. The first group that finished will win the game.

Second activity:
Students copy the follow dialogue in the notebook then make pairs andperform the situation using flash cards from board and imagining they are in a supermarket:

- Salesman: good morning, can I help you?
- Boy or girl: I would like ______, _______ and ________.
-Salesman: here you have ______, _______ and ________.
- Boy or girl: thank you so much.

Students have to draw and color each fruit and vegetable and write the correct word. Then...