El gran debate

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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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The history is based in real life of Mel Tolson, considered one of the best Afro-American poets; who was a teacher for 30 years of the university " Wiley College Texas " in the matter ofAfro-American History.
All beginning when Dr. Tolson come to a bar far from the city, interrupted one it fights between one of his students and a peasant, that they had a mess because one of his studentsflirted a wife of a man of the people, managing to save the life to his student Henry Lowe who had big problems with the alcohol.
The following day he went to the class room where is formed hisfirst group of debatientes(ESO EXISTE? NO ENCONTRE TRADUCCION JUM), chose four of his best students That were: Henry Lowe, Samantha Booke, James Farmer Jr and Hamilton Burgess in order that they debateagainst another university, and after several victories the equipment became invincible.
The time was passing, and Hamilton Burgess knew that Mr. Tolson Was Member of the group that planned to revelagainst the discrimination in the Mr. Tolson House, on a dinner, Hamilton decided to leave the debaters group. In order that James Farmer Jr. Was the investigator And Samantha y Henrry the debaters,Henrry and Samantha was more than friends. When they lost for the first time, Henrry went t
Henrry went to a bar, he was drunk with a woman, Samantha saw them, and her heard was broken. At the firstdebate James y Samantha had to discuss, and won.

The district attorney detained Melvin B. Tolson for being the chief of the group of revolt, but this is liberated thanks to James Farmer father, whowas not shared his methods of fight in opposition to the racial discrimination
Finally the group traveled to Harvard's university, but they didn’t do it without his teacher; come the day of thegreat debate the equipment decided that James and samantha are those who took part whereas Henry would support them as tutor in the drawing-room. After an intense meeting, the shy James Farmer Jr...
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