El negro

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2011
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Colegio Moderno Tepeyac
English Contribution Letter
Lazzy Susan

We went to the streets and we asked to the people what theythought about the violence, and they answered that the violence has been increasing during this years because when we listen to the radioor we watched t.v the only thing that we hear is that “Los narcos “have killed 30 people in Ciudad Juarez or that a gang kidnapped agirl.
In my opinion the lesson that these book leave us is that how far can a family go so that they can go just to the supermarket ,like Susan when she was robbed and she wanted to learn how to shot a weapon so than she can felt safe.
Other people however thinkthat the only way the can have what they want is just taking it , so when she finished her lessons , she decided to take revenge of whatthey have done to her.
One night she went to the cinema and was waiting for someone easy to steal and stole him 50 boxes.
Forexample, yes she suffered an aggression they stole her 50 boxes and yes she is a lazy women , but instead of looking for revenge she mighthave forgotten what they made her.
In conclusion , I that the world have lost some part of his brightness over the time and that’sits our duty to recover the respect of the society , to be more conscious about what we are doing to the planet and to our society.
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