El odio

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HANDOUT II: cuestioner about ‘The hatred”

1.- Write a short summary about what happens in the diferents time break shows in the film.
What’s your opinion about the daily activity of theteenayers and children of the main characters’ neighborhood?
Can have influence this activity in how they are or think ?

2.- How do you caractherize the way(s) that they talk among themselves?
Does thissituation reflect true life? Or Is this situation like life?
What do you think why happen this situation?

3.- How do yo describe the personality and actitude of the main characters, Said, Vinzand Hubert?
In your opinion, what is the best way of think the life of one of them with the situation that they are living?

4.- In the conversation into public toilet Hubert says to Vinz that thehatred is not the exit, that the hatred causes hatred only. Are you agree with this opinion?

5.- Analize their lifes. Are they marginal?
Do you think that is coicidence that they are arabian, jewand black person?

6.-Write a short description about environment of daily life of main characters.
What are the main sociability agents?

7.- Would behavior of the main characterscharacterize like ‘deviant conduct’?
What is the social answer to this deviant conduct?
Are you agree how the society does social control ? Why?

8.-The situation shows in the film, is it a situation ofsocial conflict? Is it no-moral?
What are the main characteristics?

9.-Do you think that this film is realist or exeggerated film?
This film shows a social reality, Do you think that this reality islike our present society?
Could you find a similary situation in your neighborhood or city?

10.- What’s your opinion about in the film shows so many time the slogan “the world is your”.

11.-At the end of the film a voice in off says: “This is the history of a society that falls down and while it is fallen down it doesn´t stop to say to itself ‘for the time being it`s ok, for the time...