El poderoso cerebro humano

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2011
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The human brain it’s an universe without limits.

Each one of us who are living on this planet it’s a different universe on one same planet, we are amultiuniverse… just in one planet!.

It can create the most wonderful things that I could imagine, but, we are thinking only on ourselves we aren’t thinking onthe others beings who with we share this world.

Our original play on this planet was keep the equilibrium between environmental and all the living beings,not to try to see who can be the best or the superior between each others.

This is something unbelieve… the only fact of that I’m here writing this kindof almost poem… ¿how can I do that? ¿how is this possible?, ¿why me, one of the most diminute particles of dust over the universe? ¿why have I this kind ofpower? Everybody have it, just not ever we are aware.
But, anyway, is a perfection with fails, if don’t know use it.Have the absolutely control of this powerful human brain is something hard, very very hard, but is possible. Just is necessary bestrong, keep the mind in neutral, ready for go forward or stop on the necessary moment, but this is a double edged sword if the mind is in troubles, can besomething disastrous, and so confused, it can make that the body do something that the mind say don’t do it.

Is necessary keep learning to know this power,have control and be grateful for have it, appreciate it and cultivate it... and over all know that anything is impossible, this can take us so far away...
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